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Brand Health Optimization

Improve marketing activities across teams, campaigns and channels.


Elevate your brand health
across channels.

Your brand health is the intersection of your brand mission and values with your customers voice and perceptions in the market. It’s no longer simply a one way street of communication– today’s customers are taking ownership of the brands they engage with, creating new challenges but unprecedented opportunities. With Datorama, you can listen and act in an integrating manner across all of the channels you interact with your customers.
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One holistic view of brand health

Centralize your brand health data across surveys, search and social.
Your sites, SEO strategy and social pages form a critical set of connection points for customers to find you, interact, purchase, and share their voice. With Datorama you don’t have to look at your organic marketing as a silo, separate from your advertising. With Datorama, you can connect all of your marketing holistically– so you can see how your paid and organic programs interact, boost your best content, optimize for quality traffic and tie your dwell times and buzz to the business.

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Campaign & Channel Optimization  Dashboard

Optimize creative and audiences

Match your top audiences with your best content, to send the right message.
Drill down to the next levels of your campaign performances– across creative, audiences, placements, sites and more– so you can nimbly double-down on your most engaging messages and targets and course-correct those that aren’t delivering. That’s a recipe for campaigns that are both more efficient for your client and more relevant for their audiences.
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Case Study: Ipsos Activates Survey Insights, Deepening Brand Health Analysis

Ipsos is a leading, multi-specialist market research organization that strives to further their knowledge of people, markets, brands and society. They deliver eye-opening insights to their clients, helping them make smarter decisions.

Read this case study to find out how Datorama helped Ipsos get there.

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"Traditionally, our other partner platforms have lagged under heavy use. On any given week, we have thousands of conversions from thousands of pieces of creative we’re running. This heavy load doesn’t seem to faze Datorama in the slightest."

Michael Bruckstein

Media Director, Neo@Ogilvy

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