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Marketing Performance Optimization

Improve marketing activities across teams, campaigns and channels.


Centralize your cross channel marketing performance.
Then optimize it.

Marketing Performance Optimization is a solution suite designed for modern marketers. MPO provides on-demand access to all your KPIs, trends and insights at the cross channel level, giving you one centralized place to understand what’s working, what’s not and where to spend your next dollar. Step into comprehensive, real-time visibility for marketers.
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Campaign & Channel Optimization

Bring your awareness, consideration, and conversion into focus.
From search and social to display, email and TV, modern marketing is inherently cross-channel. But is your reporting and optimization? For most marketers the deluge of tools and reports simply add up to cross channel confusion. With Datorama, your teams can get a clear panoramic view of all campaigns and channels in one place – complete with KPIs, insights and alters so it’s easy to know which campaigns to double down on, which ones to pause and know how each one of your channels interact.
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Campaign & Channel Optimization
Creative & Audience Optimization

Creative & Audience Optimization

Activate the right message for every audience.
Customers demand our 1:moment attention in marketing today. That means we need to fine tune our marketing for both efficiency and relevance at every level. With Datorama, you can easily answer your next level questions about your campaign performances by drilling in to see how content, creative and keywords impact your business results and customer experience. That lets you move into always on optimization, so you don’t leave any opportunities on the table.
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Web & Social Optimization

Connect your owned and earned marketing.
Your sites, SEO strategy and social pages form a critical set of connection points for customers to find you, interact, purchase, and share their voice. With Datorama you don’t have to look at your organic marketing as a silo, separate from your advertising. With Datorama, you can connect all of your marketing holistically– so you can see how your paid and organic programs interact, boost your best content, optimize for quality traffic and tie your dwell times and buzz to the business.
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Wb & Social Optimization

PR & Buzz Optimization

Show the ROI of your press and social listening.
PR and social buzz can provide tremendous lift and loyalty for your brand and products. Taking an evidence based approach to your data helps prove your ROI, while providing insights that can impact marketing and the business as a whole. With Datorama you can connect the dots between your buzz, bylines, placements and ROI, while asking a new set of questions to impact the business. How much brand awareness did the last launch release generate? How many sales can a viral meme create? How does our corporate communications impact our organic search and social engagement? With Datorama, you can answer any question about your impact and continually bring insight value to the business.
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Pacing & Verification Optimization

Pace and safeguard the budget.
Marketing is under greater accountability than ever before. As marketing becomes the engine of growth for the business, the marketing budget is the fuel. So you need to make sure it’s being spent wisely. That requires always knowing the state of your planned vs. actual budget pacing. It means being able to surface pacing discrepancies at a glance. And it means getting ahead of viewability, ad fraud and geo-compliance issues before they drain your resources. With Datorama, you can ensure every dollar spent is on time and maximized for efficiency. That’s the smarter approach to managing your budget.
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"My favorite part of Datorama is that it doesn’t matter what format our data comes in, I can quickly put it to use in the system. In the week that I was training with Datorama, I started to play around with it and had 15 streams set up. It was just so easy."

Michelle Pulkrab

Program Manager, GoDaddy

Whitepaper: Optimize Your Marketing Performance

Marketers have a new set of questions to answer, with greater urgency
Do you feel like marketers are facing increasing pressure and responsibility? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening. In Gartner’s latest CMO Spend Survey, marketing budgets climbed to 12% of company revenue. With that rise has come greater accountability, more technology, more lines of business reporting to marketing, and more data.
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